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" I would Die just like Anand "

I have been an ardent Bollywood buff since the early days of childhood. Movies, songs, thumkes have always been my life. ‘I will fight for a movie; I will cry for a movie. It’s over midnight and I have to wake up for school at 5 in the morning but I will not leave the movie in between.’ Ten years or more it has been and nothing has changed; apart from the “type” of Bollywood movies of course. Born in last decade of 90’s I am the girl who loves both the late 20th and early 21st century movies. You get it, I completely love Bollywood and the movies I claim were enchanting in the past. Also, I believe somewhere between the charisma of Rajesh Khanna and Ranbir Kapoor, the charm of the old films is lost in today’s Rowdiness and Dabangg andaaz! Barfi stole my heart though.
I did not really intend to write about my love for the Bollywood but about a Bollywood movie which has been my favorite for years now. I was probably 11 or 12 when I saw Anand for the first time. I wasn’t really a girl …


I know I love to watch the little drops falling apart from the clouds that blanket the clean sky.
I know I love the chilling wind that makes the droplets sprinkle on me as I carelessly sip cappuccino sitting in my balcony.
I know I always want to dance like a duck in the rain.      I know that my confused thoughts lead towards clarity at a much faster rate than normal, when it pours.
I know I always want to hold the drops forever that fall on my palm.
But I hate rain!
I know I hate it when my clothes get drenched while I am going somewhere and carrying an umbrella never helps ME.
I know I hate the little worms, centipedes, insects that crawl everywhere I step.
I know I hate the mud puddles where my feet get stuck and the dirty water enters my shoes making it sound “pach pach pach” as I walk.
I know that I could never understand why people are crazy about the smell of “Geeli Mitti.”
I know that I hate the idea of romance that many people around me link to the rain.
So I hate rain!

Dear Papa, You and I are Similar! :D

A couple of days back my father had asked me, “When is Father’s day?” Not paying much attention, I replied may be the second Sunday of July. And now I read that Father’s day is on 16th June 2013 in my Facebook updates. [Long live Facebook] But my immeadite thought was - Oh my freaking god is this why papa had asked me a couple of days ago and I had no idea! 
Probably a month ago when I dedicated a blog post to my mother on the Mother’s day, I had made up my mind to do so for my father on the father’s day. For my mom, I started writing because I was bored and did not want to study for exams. For my father, now I am writing because suddenly after reading the updates I have the urge to write.
Writing for my mom was far easier than writing for dad. Even though I see mom as the emotionally stronger person but I still believe that Papa has an ocean of emotions within him which he fails to convey. I do not know from where to start when it comes to him. Okay here’s my first attempt.
“The onl…

A Diet Plan or A Death Trap???

Unlike all the ‘Food/Beverages’ pages from your FB account.
Block every friend who either uploads the pictures of homemade mouth watering delicacies or simply makes a status update.
Empty your frozen stocks of chocolate/chocolate related products as soon as possible or in fact eat/drink it in one go. [no more Bournevilles :’( ]
Throw away all the cooking oil so that nothing at all can be fried in the kitchen.
Avoid going to vegetable market for you may see carrots which can be injurious for your brain as it instantly pictures “Gaajar ka halwa”
There’s no saying that you can’t go to sweet vendors for the few sweets that you actually like.
Avoid going to your friend’s place for there you may be served samoses, jalebis, burfies etc!
No momos, no Aloo tikkis, no Dahi bhalle or chowmein in the evening.
Your friends now celebrate for they now have to treat one person less on any occasion.
And travelling on the roads of Delhi is strictly banned for you can see KFC, Pizza hut and CCD every …

I Wish You Could See Through. . .

I wish you could see through my eyes The love The pain  The secret that it veils!
I wish you could see through my soul The scar The temptation The lust that it cloaks!
I wish you could see through my words The whispers The promises The silence that it speaks!
I wish you could see through my smile The vulnerability The longing The screams that it hushes!
I wish you could see through my heart The emotions The damages The shattered pieces that it numbs!
I wish you could see through me The desire The sorrow
The demented mind that lay willingly naked!