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The Ridiculous Making Of A Feminist

Pseudo feminism, and the bastardisation of feminism has bothered me a lot in the recent times. What has bothered me even more is that how it has become the source and product of people’s entertainment. A struggle turning into a laughing stock, pains me.
For a long time I thought I could not be a feminist. Why? The reason is as simple as, my father was partial towards me, following the apparent idea of “fathers favour the daughters and mothers, the sons” People have told me it is true whether or not it actually functions that way. The elders in my family till today tell me that I am my Dad’s favourite, and not always in a good way. I should be proud, shouldn’t I? But what have I done to be a favourite, born as a girl? I have always been guilty of the privilege I received at home for being the girl. And that, I thought is the reason why I believed, my brother and I will never get along. I wanted us to be treated ‘equally’. Believe it or not, I did not want to be the privileged one.