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Our school shirt looks too cool with jeans...obviously denim jeans....!! Did you ever try that...ABHILASH did..!!! He looked damn good I tell you. This was in the very begining of the session when all the newcomers were really new...:P 
Swati and I were strolling in our school corridor when we saw Prabina running towards us. She was not able to speak anything clearly but we heard her say, "Abhilash...Abhilash...dub gaya". I dont know about Swati but both of us without thinking rushed to the entrance and saw Asmita and Nayak ma'am standing there. Asmita also told Abhilash drowned and now has been taken to the Burla Medical. In no time all the teachers and 11thies were at the entrance..all trying to know What happened. But there was no particular answer except Abhilash drowned. How ?? No one was sure. A few local lads told us that he went for a bath in the Mahanadi and then he drowned. They tried to save him but could not. A few others finally brought him out and he was i…