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The 'Manly' World

Situation 1, Friend 1: I have not have sex yet but my friends think I have. That makes me manly.  Me: Why does your ‘manliness’ needs to be defined by sexual intercourse? You are just twenty. Friend 1: I don’t define it. They do. A twenty year old virgin girl is cute; a twenty year old virgin boy is gay.
Situation 2, Friend 2: I love dressing up as a woman. I want to feel like a woman. But people judge. Me: There are many cross dressers out there. I am sure your confidence will build up eventually and someday you won’t have to hide anymore. Friend 2: No, I do not want to reveal my true identity. After all, I am born a man who loves dressing up as a woman. It’s not very manly you see.