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Just The Beginning ...

"She had been having the pain in her right hand wrist which initially lasted for 1/5th of a second and as the months passed by the pain as well as the time of its existence increased. After 2 months of her initial pain in the wrist, it shifted to her elbow making it's way to the shoulder. She complained only about her right hand. She said that at times she feels something is flowing inside her hand when it aches. With the DAV Board exam of class VIII nearing, her Dad said that she's just making excuses to not study; Mom said that may be her brother had hit her someday which is now causing the pain, so her brother made sure he is not around when it pains. Her appetite was lost and her mother thought that not eating would cause gastritis. She had 2 injections on the 1st day of the year 2008 which made her think that she will be injected the whole year (She was right) She was put on pain killers but they did not help. She had to write her English Board exam with all that pai…

The Struggling Words

In last few days, more than once, I had the thought of writing a few posts in my blog but the words remained confined to the walls of my skull. At times they struggled hard but in the end they gave up. 
I have appeared 2 interviews in last 3 days and the experience of both have been completely different. The first one seemed so sudden that even after stepping out of the faculty room I was unaware of what happened. I thought and thought till my eyes closed for the night and my only comment about the interview was 'No Comments.' I thought I was confident yet I stammered while answering. The room was the same as they show in movies, the one with a long table having the faculty members at one side and the interviewee at the other and then I realized that I wasn't ready for this. Just because it was my 1st interview and no one said that the first timers are supposed to be good, so I'm not much upset about it. And if i was even a little upset then that was overshadowed by my …

Boondo se baatein

Na jagoo mai jab ye barish ho Ye boondein jo yaad teri dilayein Na saath raha iss barsaat ka kabhi Kai sapne to humne yun hi sajaye
Kuch to log kahenge unka kaam hai kehna Kya beeti uss roz hum pe ye muskil hai batana Na samjha koi na hi hum unhe batla paye Dil ke tukde hue bhi to bina shor ke; Fir kya koi jaan paaye..!
Ab lagta hai gar hoti koi awaaz to dard na hota itna Zubaan khamosh na hoti ashkein na kahaniyaan sunati
Dil se roz nikalti hai ik dua, par, Jaane kyun labo par aane se ghabraaye wo In boondo ki tarha naino se beh jaaye wo Lafz ki talaash mein wo tadapte rahe; Par na koi awaaz naa hi koi shor
Barsaat ne rulaya hume kai baar na jaane kyun aaj aaye na wo jazbaat Bakhuda aaj fir aayi hai teri yaad Aankho mein aansu na sahi Par labo pe ek halki si hasi to aayi
Yun lage ke beet gaya Jamana koi Fir bhi taaza hai yaadein us pal ki aur teri Jisne diya mujhe ek taufa anmol  Nafrat ke baad ab aaya hai pyaar Mujhe is mausam barsaat pe. Gar kabhi tu na hota mere sang Na hoti aaj ye tanhaiyaan Viraa…

A Couple of hours @ T3

I have always given a thought to ‘When things go wrong, they go wrong in a hurry’ but never to the one where wrong is replaced by right.
June 11, 2012- The day was similar to any other day during my stay in Delhi apart from the fact that I had to end my 1month vacation that day. The morning was the same; it started with my mom shouting at me to wake up early as we had to leave by afternoon. Early as in 9.30 AM; I usually get out of my bed after 11AM. I had been looking forward to the day when I would head back home as I had been missing it badly since the day I left and the decision to leave behind my personal diary turned out to be a blunder. But when the day finally arrived it seemed just so weird to leave Delhi behind. Human tendency, I guess.
With bags packed, lunch ingested, my parents and I made our way to the Indra Gandhi International Airport, Terminal 3 at 2.35 PM to catch our first Air India flight (No. AI 473) scheduled at 5.05 PM to reach Bhubaneswar. I think, by then, I was…

Unique Face in the Crowd

Aimless. Confused. Crazy. Unfair-screwed up Life. First Love-The Best Relationship. Break up-The saddest story on Earth. Depression. Loneliness -The Best Friend. My story is different-The best dialogue. In the end -I'm who I'm.
Even for the shortest moment, did the thought ever cross your mind that one of the above things made you different from the people you see everyday? I guess most of people would say yes, if they answer honestly. Most of us have been through at least a few of the above situations at some point of our life. And many lucky people go through all the above situation more than once during their teenage. Honestly, I myself have been through all of them in last couple of years and I'm still facing some of them right now but the question is do they make me unique among the others around me?
During my entry into teenage, I always wished to be a normal or should I say a typical teenage girl and now I wonder what was the definition of a 'Typical Teenager'…